Animals Adopted

Don’t we all love a Happy Ending!

At Beamsville4Paw Rescue the happy endings are the best reward.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers and our generous adopters we have lots and lots of these.  Take a look at who found their Forever Homes!

Look who found a “Forever Home” 2016

Look who found a “Forever Home” 2015

Look who found a “Forever Home” 2014

Look who found a “Forever Home” 2013

Look who found a “Forever Home” 2012

Look who found a “Forever Home” 2011

All our Staff are volunteers who have full-time jobs but who dedicate their time and their own money to helping our community. We are a Non-Kill Rescue. Our program does not have shelters or kennels but depends on a private foster home within the Niagara and surrounding areas.

Many times we are asked why we dedicate all our extra time and money to rescue…

Here are a few FEW STORIES that have touched our hearts and give us the reasons to continue!

Please read our LOCAL “Feel Good Stories”