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purple pawLooking for the perfect gift! Gift the give that gives back! With a donation to Beamsville 4Paw Rescue, you are making a lasting difference in animal’s lives. Whether you are offering a personal donation or making a donation under someone’s name, your gift will help us save animals from suffering and give them the expert treatment and care they deserve.

2017 has been a difficult one for Beamsville 4Paw Rescue – from rescuing over 98 abandoned cats at the Merritt colony, to cleaning up the Beamsville Trailer park and our latest efforts to rescue over 26 Persians from a breeder that only valued the cats for her financial gain, it’s been busy, heartbreaking and hopeful all at the same time. But we are happy to say that with everyone’s support over the year we have rescued over 550 pets this year and found homes for over 500. Although many are still in the healing process, they will be up for adoption in the New Year.

Give the gift that keeps on giving this year by making a donation to Beamsville 4Paw Rescue. All donation amounts will receive a tax receipt, as we are a registered charity.

From us and all the animals in our care, thank you for your support!

Why adopt an older pet

MissyHave you considered the differences between cats and kittens? Many available adult cats are barely out of kittenhood themselves. They still have plenty of spunk and energy–they’re just a bit more mature.

Here are 10 reasons why you may want to adopt an adult cat.

1)What you see is what you get. Adult cats already know who they are. Kittens are undeniably cute, but you never know what the future holds, how large they may get, what their personality will ultimately be, etc. An adorable little kitten will be an adult in the blink of an eye.

2)Adult cats aren’t as “chewsy.” Kittens have a tendancy to chew things, lots of things. Whether teething or just exploring bits of the world around them, kittens chew on shoes, the corners of books, ear lobes and fingers, carpet tassels, electrical cords, drapery strings, plants, and much, much more. Most adult cats don’t chew inappropriately at all.

3)If you have an older cat in your home and are looking for a friend for him or her, another adult cat may be the best choice. Kittens can be too playful and may upset your cat instead of providing companionship. A kitten may cause your resident cat to be more annoyed than amused.

4)After a long day at the office, you may just want to come home and curl up with your furry friend–but most kittens prefer an action packed evening–lots of touseling, frolicking, and plenty of running and jumping. An adult cat will greet you at the door and be more than happy to curl up and watch your favorite shows on TV. They’ve already learned about the unconditional love thing.

5)Adult cats may sleep at the foot of your bed, under the bed or in a cozy spot somewhere else in the house, while a kitten will most likely run around all night, doing anything possible to wake you up for more games. Adult cats are generally happy to sleep when you do and don’t try to attack your toes through the blankets in the middle of the night.

6)Adult cats won’t be climbing up your leg or your curtains, they won’t be swinging from your chandeliers, knocking down knick knacks or just running full speed ahead for no good reason.

7)Adult cats are usually a better choice for families with small children. Kittens often play rough and are constantly underfoot. They’re sharp–they can’t help it, but kittens are all teeth and claws. Generally speaking, adult cats are more mellow, and often more patient with young children. The experience should be a good one for both the cat and the child. Ask to meet the shelter’s best “kid cats.”

8)Adult cats require less attention and supervision. They’re quiet companions. They have well-developed manners, use the litter box and the scratching post without constant reminders.

9)Many adult cats end up in shelters due to no fault of their own. Separated from their loved ones, surrounded by other cats, confined, confused, and sometimes frightened, many are emotionally devastated by their misfortune. Sadly, most people gravitate toward the cute, bouncy, big-eyed kittens. Older cats sit by and watch, as one loving family after another passes them over for a cute kitten. Adopting an adult cat is a way to say to a deserving animal “I believe in you.”

10)For the abandoned, forgotten, and heartbroken adult cats, you just might be their last chance to have the love and warmth of a home where they can live out their years in comfort. When properly cared for, cats often live well into their late teens or longer. Typically, they will remain active and even playful throughout most of their lives. Once a cat adjusts to a new home where they can feel safe and secure again, they’ll offer years of faithful companionship and unconditional love.

Adopt a Black-Cat

 JordanDID YOU KNOW THAT BLACK CATS have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate?

Whether because of superstition, prejudice, or simply because they blend into the shadows in the back of the cage, black cats are statistically less likely to be adopted than more brightly colored felines.

Many rescues are reluctant to accept black cats into their program as they are so hard to re-home, meanwhile these wonderful cats are left waiting in pounds and municipal shelters with hopes of finding a loving home, only to be destroyed once their time is up.

Most adopters prefer the flashier, more colorful cats, such as the orange and calico’s or the classic tabby and often overlook these regal & exotic beauties.

Yet the black cat is probably the gentlest of all breeds and the smartest.

They were always considered good luck in England and are still considered good luck throughout most of Europe.

If you are thinking of adopting, please consider adopting a black cat, you are truly saving a life!!!

They have so much love to offer and ask for so little in return.

Most of the black cats that we have rescued, have had the most wonderful and loving personalities.


Save Gucci’s Eyes!

GucciLittle Gucci, a precious  kitten needs your help!

Gucci was given her name after being carried around like a purse ever since she was rescued at the age of 4 days old. Abandoned by her mother, she was brought to Beamsville 4Paw Rescue for a chance to survive.

Born with tumors in her eyes, Gucci lost more than 80% of her vision. This left our little love unable to play, and explore like her playmates. Little Gucci is very loving, affectionate, will steal your heart with her adorable personality, and sweet face. You can’t help but smile when you call her name and she runs to you like a trotting horse, putting her paws up to make sure nothing is in front of her.

Gucci tries to plays like a typical kitten, however, every day the tumors grow making it harder for her to get around. When evening approaches, Gucci timidly feels her way around trying to find a soft, safe spot to curl up in, so she doesn’t walk into walls, doors, or fall down the stairs.

Gucci could lose her eyes completely should the tumors continue to grow. As these tumors on her eyes increase in size, so will the pressure on her eyes causing total blindness, and intense pain. This precious little kitten will live in a world of darkness. We do have hope though. Together, we can save Gucci’s eyes and give her the gift of sight. When the tumors are removed from her eyes, a new world will open up for Gucci, and she will be able to see!!!!! The cost of helping little Gucci reach this new life is $3,000.00.The surgery can be performed when she turns 6 months old.

Together we can save Gucci’s eyes!

Contact us at 289-447-1108 /

or Donate today on our front page under Donations.

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