Greeting Cards



With all the modern communication devices, products and avenues available, there are roughly millions of ways to express your feelings. However, there is nothing like an actual greeting card to make someone feel consoled, cheered, reassured or tickled pink to hear from you.




Here are 5 “rrrufftastic” reasons why you should send a greeting card!

5. Nothing is more heartfelt or personal than a greeting card.

4.  your reason for sending someone a card is appreciated  and makes a person feel good under any circumstance

3. receiving a greeting card is better than getting a bill in the mail.

2. receiving a greeting card always puts a smile on someone’s face

AND The number one reason for sending a greeting card is you are helping to save the lives of animals and allowing them to have a caring and loving forever home.


Cost of cards are $2.50 each ( No Shipping Cost). You can purchase our cards at any of our events, or email us at, or 289-447-1108

or Online.

To order online, click the donate link below. Enter the amount of purchase and payment information. In the next review screen add in the name of item, and number of items you wish to purchase with any other instructions.  Items will be mailed to the credit card billing address within 5 business days.