Shreddies Search for Goodness, Winner 2015

Jewel loves kisses.

Jewel our treasured gem,  loves kisses.

Pam Huson of Beamsville was named winner of the Post Shreddies’ Search for Goodness contest. Photo courtesy Post Shreddies.

NIAGARA – In a recent online contest, Post Shreddies asked Canadians to nominate and vote for the people they believe should be recognized for their commitments to their communities.

The ‘Search for Goodness’ contest generated more than 160 nominations and 42,687 total votes.

The 10 finalist nominees were announced May 20.

Huson was named winner of the contest July 27 in Toronto.

In a statement, Post recognized Huson’s selfless commitment to her community through her organization Beamsville 4 Paw Rescue, which helps animals and families in need and demonstrates the genuine goodness Shreddies seeks to recognize.

“Canada is full of people who strive to make their community a better place and Shreddies is acknowledging a stand-out citizen for the genuine goodness she brings to others,” says Amy Bernstein, Senior Product Manager of Shreddies & Shredded Wheat, Post Foods Canada Inc. “Pam Huson is dedicated to her community and helping countless numbers of animals and families. She embodies the goodness we seek to recognize and celebrate through the ‘Search for Goodness.’”

To recognize Huson for her genuinely good contributions, Shreddies will feature her story in an advertisement and donate $500 to her organization Visit the Shreddies’ Facebook page to see how Huson impacts her community and helps animals in need of rescue.

Indie rescued at the age of 3 weeks old

Indie rescued at the age of 3 weeks old



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