Cat Enclosures

 Cat Enclosures and Catios

We are thrilled to be able to offer custom-built cat enclosures to suit your yard or balcony, your budget and of course, your cats!  They can be as big or small as you need or want. If you have ever had a cat go missing or come back home injured or harmed then you know that the outdoors is increasingly dangerous for our beloved feline friends.  Whether it’s eating something bad for them, bad weather, getting hit by cars or trucks, being attacked by wild animals, fighting with another cat or even a neighbour who hates cats, there are ample opportunities for your kitty to be hurt.  We have the answer!  Drumroll please…..!

A safe and worry-free way for your cat or cats to enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air.










TA-DAH!  A cat enclosure or a catio gives your cat the perfect balance between wanting to be outdoors and keeping them safe.  Indoor cats with access to a cat enclosure live many years longer than pets who are let out to roam outdoors.  They are healthier and happier and you will be too!

Here, the cats have come out the access window in the basement and are enjoying the cool grass.


You wouldn’t endanger your kids by letting them wander the streets on their own so why endanger your cat?  Cats do not need to roam freely to have a happy life.  This might have been okay 100 years ago but is definitely not okay now.  Times have changed!  Plus, cats that roam outdoors often kill birds and other small animals, or pee in neighbours’ gardens which can become a big problem.

If you are interested in having a catio built for your kitties (or it would even work for small dogs as well), please let us know and we will arrange a meeting and provide you with an estimate.  The enclosures are very sturdy, made with fairly heavy chicken wire and can be painted to suit your tastes.  Get yours before winter arrives!  What a wonderful gift a cat enclosure would be for you and your pet this Christmas!

Contact Pam at and put Cat Enclosure in the subject line.


Aren’t these COOL!  You know you want one!!

Kitty is enjoying some sun and taking in the backyard action in her new enclosure.